Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Heritage Consultancy Services that combines years of expertise and specialist experience gathering, preserving, educating and sharing history relating to people of diverse heritage and accessible for all.


Diverse Heritage Consultancy

Services to help you design and develop, diverse inclusive projects. 

Diverse Heritage Project Management

Services to support the succesful planning, delivery and evaluation of your project. 

Diverse Heritage Content Management & Preservation

Services to manage and preserve your unique artefacts, costumes, collections, content and exhibitions.

Research Tasks

Services to help find information and research data you are looking for.


Services to share your heritage content with local, national and global audiences through creative, broadcast media production (i.e. publications, podcasts, video, online content).

Workshops & training for lifelong learning

Services for your organisation through bespoke training provision, talks, presentations, learning tutorials and professional development activities.

Exhibitions & Displays

Support in:

  • Planning
  • Curating
  • Installation ideas
  • Evaluation

Audience Engagement & Programming

Support in:

  • Diverse programming ideas
  • Locating diverse audience (marketing)
  • Recommended guest speakers & industry experts
  • Support in understanding culturally sensitive terminology, expression and interpretation 

Previous Partner Organisations

Diverse Heritage Services

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